Join the Borge-Netter Society By Making a Bequest Gift

The Borge-Netter Society was named in honor of music legend Victor Borge and New York attorney Richard Netter, who joined forces to establish Thanks To Scandinavia in 1963. Their vision was to award scholarships to talented students from Scandinavia and Bulgaria as a way to pay forward the tremendous debt owed to heroic citizens of these countries who, despite great personal risk, saved many of their Jewish neighbors from Nazi aggression during World War II.

illustration by Richard Netter

Why Partner with TTS?

Joining the Borge-Netter Society ensures that TTS can continue our mission to fund international scholarships for Scandinavian and Bulgarian students and to inspire global acts of kindness. The Borge-Netter Society was created to recognize the generosity of individuals who have included TTS in their estate plan, by naming TTS in their will or trust, or having designated TTS as beneficiary of an investment account or insurance policy. By joining the Borge-Netter Society, you join the company of those who are helping us invest in future generations of talented international scholars.

How to Join the Borge-Netter Society

You can join us by:

• Making a bequest gift to TTS through your will or living trust

• Naming TTS as the beneficiary of:

– A bank account

– Investment accounts such as IRA, Keogh, Roth, 401(k) or 403(b)

– A life insurance policy

– A tax-sheltered annuity

– A qualified pension

– A profit-sharing plan

Your gift may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose, such as a scholarship or endowment named in your honor or the honor of your family. Advantages of legacy gifts include preserving your current assets, reducing or eliminating federal estate taxes, and providing vital support for future scholars.

Thanks To Scandinavia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 13-6192361).  Copies of our tax letters and other information are available by contacting Executive Director Kelly Ramot.

If you’ve already remembered TTS in your will or as a beneficiary of a bank or investment account, please let us know by completing and mailing to us the non-binding Statement of Intent, so we can enroll you in the Borge-Netter Society and invite you to join us for special gatherings.


Dr. Ruth Westheimer, internationally-known sex therapist, media personality, author and humanitarian, has shared her personal WWII rescue story as a testament to why she has “a special place in her heart” for TTS.

To learn more about making a bequest gift, creating a named scholarship, establishing an endowed fund, or for any questions about supporting TTS, contact us. We welcome the opportunity to help you choose or create a unique naming gift that is meaningful to you, and that will have a significant impact on our ability to uphold our unique mission for generations to come.

Kelly Ramot, Executive Director

Carol Bohdan, Director of Development


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New York, NY 10024

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– Nobel Laureate, Elie Weisel