Aisa Coric

Aisa Coric is a Swedish student completing her last year in the Political Science program at the University of Gothenburg. She has a particular academic interest in human rights, local/international involvement in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. The course in Conflict Resolution from Theory to Practice: Israel as a Case Study offered at the Hebrew University was therefore a given choice.  With various experience working in conflict and post-conflict settings all around the world – most recently Bosnia Herzegovina, Georgia and Rwanda, she hopes the course will provide her with academic tools in addition to her practical experience


Catharina Hansson

Catharina Hansson is a graduate student in architecture at Lund University, Sweden. Ever since high school, Catharina has been passionate about people-place interactions, and how urban design impacts people’s lives. Catharina also holds a BSc in social psychology, focused on how pilgrims form emotional bonds to Jerusalem’s urban setting. Besides her studies, Catharina tutors Hebrew 101 at Lund University, and works as a graphic designer. In Jerusalem, she’s going to take a course called Uncovering Jerusalem, which she hopes will give her a greater insight into how the results of her research on people-place interactions can be implemented and make a change.


Miriam Huovila

Miriam Huovila is a Finnish student studying Modern Finnish and Communication at University of Vaasa. She is greatly interested in the Middle East, and that is why she wanted to spend a summer studying in Jerusalem. Furthermore, after finishing her BA she is planning to do her master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies. Therefore she wanted to study Arabic in her summer course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also eager to learn more about the local cultures and gain deeper understanding of the history and conflicts in the area. She believes to have a lot of use for these skills and for the Arabic language in the future on her studies and on the career that she is aiming to.


Susanne Toron

Susanne Toron graduated with an M.Sc. in psychology and is about to complete a BA in Hebrew at University of Copenhagen. Her focus is contemporary Israeli culture and society and she is joining the Jerusalem ulpan for Hebrew immersion to further her studies and future career. She wishes to work with communication/journalism on Israel’s culture and reality.