During its nearly 55 year history, Thanks To Scandinavia has given out more than 3500 scholarships enabling deserving Scandinavian and Bulgarian students to pursue studies in the US and Israel. By investing in talented youth, we are paying forward the tremendous debt owed to courageous individuals who saved many of their Jewish neighbors from Nazi aggression during WWII. In this way, we aim to inspire others to perform their own acts of kindness.

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A gift through your estate can provide important benefits to you and to Thanks To Scandinavia. Your bequest may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose, such as scholarships or endowment. Advantages include preserving your current assets, reducing or eliminating federal estate taxes, and providing vital support for future scholars.

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Meet our Donors

Here is what just a few of our donors have to say about why they give to Thanks To Scandinavia:


RALPH FREYDBERG, TTS Secretary of Board of Directors; President, Freydberg Consulting

“I have supported Thanks To Scandinavia since 1963, because it honors and rewards members of societies which had citizens who had the courage to risk their lives to protect other adults and children who were going to be murdered by the Nazis. In a world in which that kind of commitment to what’s right is unusual, such behavior should be honored, remembered and rewarded.”



LAURA SUNDBLAD, 2013-14 TTS Scholar; Project Associate, Arc Finance; Graduate of School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

“TTS gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people I would not otherwise have met. I also learned for the first time about the rescues, which I’d never heard about in Finland. I see connections between what happened then and what is happening now with the rise of xenophobia, racism and intolerance in Europe, and I know that each of us can do something to help. The Alumni Association will enable me and others to stay involved with TTS and its mission. I think it’s exciting to have the opportunity to give back and stay connected.”



LEO GOLDBERGER, Professor Emeritus, New York University; Editor, The Rescue of the Danish Jews: Moral Courage Under Stress

“I emphatically believe in the mission of TTS, as I was one of the fortunate Danish Jews saved from the roundup by the Nazis in October 1943 by my fellow Danes and welcomed to Sweden with open arms — for which I am eternally grateful! But beyond that, I believe the deeds of so many altruistic Scandinavians deserve a special place in Holocaust history, and what better way than by TTS’s educational and significant scholarship programs taking center stage in that effort. Needless to say, TTS implicitly also honor the memory and vision of the “great Dane”, Victor Borge, and his TTS co-founder, Richard Netter — a sentiment that I am in deep sympathy with, having known them both as the wonderful and generous souls they were.”


MYRA GOODMAN, Founder, Earthbound Farm

“My mother told me that before she dies, she wants to be sure to thank the Swedes and Danes, and let them know that their goodness will never be forgotten. We were so glad to discover Thanks to Scandinavia, an organization that is dedicated to this exact mission. We were grateful be able to support their important initiatives.”


Learn More

For information on creating a named scholarship, establishing an endowed fund, or for any questions about supporting TTS, please contact:

Ms. Kelly Ramot
Executive Director
Thanks To Scandinavia
366 Amsterdam Avenue, #205
New York, NY 10024
(347) 855-4109