Thanks To Scandinavia, a scholarship fund, recognizes the ordinary people who performed extraordinary acts in Scandinavia and Bulgaria during WWII which saved tens of thousands of their Jewish neighbors.  Thanks To Scandinavia celebrates those who demonstrated courage, tolerance and civility even in dark times. To honor their legacy, Thanks To Scandinavia provides scholarships to students from Scandinavia and Bulgaria who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and working to create positive change in our world.

  • Thanks To Scandinavia provides scholarships each year to students from Scandinavia and Bulgaria who are pursuing graduate degrees in the United States and Israel.
  • Thanks To Scandinavia derives inspiration from history, highlighting the enduring values of civility and tolerance through an ongoing dialogue.
  • Founded by Danish entertainer Victor Borge and New York attorney Richard Netter in 1963, Thanks To Scandinavia has been ahead of the times in highlighting the heroic individuals and communities who strove to make the world a better place during dark times.
  • Thanks To Scandinavia keeps alive the inspiring stories, many of them little known, of how Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Bulgarian people protected thousands of their Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust, often at great personal risk.